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  • Preventive measures such as keeping a clean home will help keep away these common pests, but to ensure their complete removal and prevention, you need a qualified exterminator to handle the job. Call us for a free estimate of your pest control needs.

    Herbal Pest Control in Gurgaon for General Pests or Insects

    For General Pest control service, we also known as professional pest management company, promtness in response, is use a better technique which cures pests from entering your homes. By making undetectable pesticides barrier, and suggest you to take a proactive approach to minimise the pest problems. Cockroaches, rats, lizards, ants, spiders and other insects and mammals often make use of small cracks and crevices for harboring and moving between apartments or buildings Therefore, it is very important to take some proactive steps to check or eliminate breeding ground, if you choose to do the pest control proofing yourself, be specific and sure in sealing cracks. This will keep pests away from taking place in any structure.

    At Pest Control Gurgaon(Gurugram), we have technicians that specialize in pest proofing They will apply eco friendly pest treatments in your premises withou pull out appliances or no need to vacate kitchen to kill and destroy all possible pest and rodent entry points and seal them, if required. For major strucural repairs such as replacing missing drywall, flooring, tiles or repaies in need of professional carpentry work, or if there are custom built-in appliances, speak to your superintendent or plumber to help disconnect and throughly proof them.

    What type of Pests We Cover in General Pest Control ?

    We have designed a general Pest Control package which covers all crawling and flying insects except termites (white ants). The package will include:
    +Cockroaches (German and American),

    +Rodent (rats, mice), Lizards (reptile),

    +Ants (black/red) removal,

    +Bedbugs Management

    +Spiders destroyer service,

    +silverfish, centipedes, wasps, honeybees,

    +house fly, mosquitoes and other animal.

    How Effective is Your Service ?

    It is highly effective and you can see the results with in 24 hours however the response time is 24 to 72 hours. Within this period all the pests will go away from your site and our ultra low volume non toxic spray will prevent the outside insects from entering in to your premises. Further, if you can not see the expected results within 3 days, you may call our service department and get registered for a complaint, then within next 24 hour our representative will visit your site and carry out the necessary treatment at no extra cost and these exceptional services will not be counted in your basic settings.

    Our Pest Control Service is SAFE for Your KIDS AND FAMILY.

    We use WHO and Govt. Approved herbal chemicals. All treatment we provide are safe for Your kids and family. You do not need go outside during the treatment.

    What is the Cost of Pest Control Service ?

    There are two types of service first, ONE TIME SERVICE and second, an ANNUAL PACKAGE (AMC). We recommend to you go for an AMC. We charge reasonable and provide you cost effective solutions. When you think of service quality with cheap prices, we are the best choice. Need a Pest Control in Gurgaon, Call our Expert at 8586949387 and get instant Free estimate.

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